Pension Related Government Orders

 Government Order  Date  Abstract
 GO(P)No.185/2002/Fin  27/03/2002  Rules-KSR Part III-Guidelines to avoid Delay in payment of Pensionary benefits
 GO(P)No.803/2002/Fin  30/12/2002  Rules -KSRs Part III Speedy settlement of Pensionary claims-Guidelines to avoid delay
 GO(P)No.594 /2011/Fin  13/12/2011.  Settlement of Pensionary claims in man missing cases-Orders Modified
 GO(P)No 226/2012/Fin  18/04/2012  Amendment to KSR Part III
 GO(P)No 712/2012/Fin
 28/12/2012 Revision of pension and Family pension to those coming under UGC/AICTE/Medical Education Scheme-Modified
 GO(P)No.106/2013/Fin  27/03/2013  Disbursement of pensionary benefits on the date of retirement-State level Committee constituted
 GO(P)No 285/2013/Fin  14/06/2013 KSRs Part III Rule Reemployment pay of pensioners coming under UGC/AICTE/Medical Education Schemes
 GO(P)No 270/2013/Fin  04/06/2013  Kerala Service Rules Part III Rule 100 Reemployment pay of pensioners-further clarification